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We have launched an industry-first innovative digital repository for our clients. Our iProtect Exchange platform allows you to store, update and access all of your documents in a single repository. You can now manage all of your assets, investments, life policies, short term cover all from one platform.

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The value of
iProtect Exchange

Single Repository

Document all your personal documents, trust documents, FICA documents, expenses, liabilities, letters of authority and much more.

Future Planning

Formulate and update your plan as your life changes. From settling your Last Will and Testament to what transpires post your demise to ensure transparency.

Take Charge

Personalised dashboard that has an action step programme to set out milestones on your journey wherein you can tick off actions that have been achieved or executed and to diarise actions that you must still take.

Full Support

Our support function that you can access or contact to support you with any query or assistance that you may require to achieve any specific action or task.

Take charge of your financial affairs by taking action

We have been assisting clients for over 20 years and although all our clients have the best intentions, life happens to us all.

iProtect Exchange is aimed at anyone. Whether you have not started the journey, have taken a few steps or are well on your way. iProtect Exchange is geared to ensure a speedy process in the administration of your deceased estate as various hurdles, obstacles and challenges will have been addressed during the course of your life as you attend to your affairs on a regular and ongoing basis.

Your vault for legal docs

iProtect design and build structures that give you all the advantages of a trust with none of the negatives imposed by incumbents.

Your personal legal documents
FICA documents
Your Last Will and Testament
All your trust documents, letters of authority, resolutions, ancillary and company documents
All your financial statements and tax returns and information

Formulate your personalised plan and change it as your life changes.

Settle your Last Will and Testament :

Upload this to your secure storage online or create your own using our system.

Get paired with a dedicated professional :

You’ll be matched with an expert consultant who is best suited to your needs. They will assist and walk you through the process and requirements to assist you.

We take care of the rest :

Sit back while we do it all for you, all the admin, paperwork. We will present a suitable structure best suited to your requirements.

We take care of the rest :

What happens to your family and dependents immediately after your death and until your estate has been fully administered and wound up.

Get a personal consultation.

We will take care of your accounting, administrative and legal requirements.

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